Mineralogy, Petrology & Gemmology
African Minerals and Geosciences Centre
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The Mineralogy/Petrology and Gemology Department comprises of three units namely Mineralogy/Petrology, Gemology and Gem Cutting.
The objectives of the department are:
  • To provide up to date technical know-how through various training in Mineralogy/Petrology, Gemology and Gem Cutting
  • To provide accurate and timely delivered analytical services
  • To provide technical assistance to the mining community through advisory and consultancy services
  • Mineralogical and petrological sample preparation and analysis
  • Mineralogical evaluation of industrial minerals, metallic minerals and clays
  • Gemstone identification
  • Diamond Grading
  • Advisory and Consultancy
  • Training in mineralogical and petrological sample preparation and analytical techniques, Gemmology and Gem Cutting
The department provides services on thin section preparation, polished block preparation and evaluation of sediments, rocks and drill cores utilizing transmitted and reflected optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis.
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Founded in 1996, the gemmology unit of AMGC has grown to be an internationally recognized unit servicing gemstone miners, dealers and buyers in areas of identification, certification, training, advisory and consultation services.
Gemstone Identification and Certification
The numerous gemstones offered in the trade, the discovery of new gemstones, varieties and occurrences as well as synthetic and imitation stones require a detailed understanding through gemological knowledge of the material available on the market. AMGC's gemological unit examines and identifies gemstones and their numerous imitations and certifies them.
Diamond Grading
AMGC's gemmological unit identifies, distinguishes between diamond and their simulants as well as carrying out grading and gives expert opinions.
The MPG department provides the following courses:
  • Mineralogical and petrological sample preparation and analysis techniques: A three week training course offered to technicians from mineralogical and petrological departments from different institutions such as Geological Surveys and Universities
  • Gemmology: A one week training course offered to mineral and gemstone miners, dealers and all interested parties
  • Gem cutting: A two weeks training course offered to mineral and gemstone miners, dealers and all interested parties
The department in collaboration with other departments is carrying out research and development activities, including evaluation of raw materials for industrial application.
AMGC's mineralogy and petrology department provides advisory and consultancy services to the mining community and proactively promotes the sector by conducting training programs.
Ms. Lilian Moshi
E-mail: lilian@seamic.org

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