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The main function of the Industrial Minerals application Section is to carry out R & D in product development and evaluation of the industrial minerals potential of the member states of AMGC as well as to assess their applicability mainly in ceramic and related fields.
Other functions include:
  • Formulation of ceramic bodies and glazes for sanitary-ware , tableware and low tension electrical insulators including production of their prototypes;
  • Pilot manufacturing of ceramics and other prototypes using a wide range of non-metallic mineral composition made from minerals such as Kaolin, ball clays feldspars quartz or silica sand fire clay limestone and kyanite for specific industrial application such as in tableware low tension electrical insulators sanitary-ware and fire clay crucibles;
  • Training in pottery/ceramics technology using established facilities and available expertise;
  • Provision of consultancy services in industrial minerals application area especially in relation to establishment of small to medium scale ceramic and allied products industries; and
  • Production of high quality ceramic products
  • The ultimate objective of the section is to promote the development of small to medium scale mineral based enterprises in the countries of eastern and southern Africa.

 Formimg a ceramic product on potters wheel
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The installed equipment and facilities in the section are suitable for bench scale and pilot product development in respect of body forming and determination of firing characteristics. Furthermore, the equipment is suitable for the determination of various product quality control parameters.
Major equipment installed in the section include furnaces for firing, ball mills filter press and de-airing pug mills for body preparation, , potters wheels jigger/jollying machines roller head machine insulator scrapping machine for forming, and a mould making machine for mould preparation.,
The available facilities are also very suitable for training in the area of ceramic technology.
The section has also the capability to offer consultancy services in tableware, low tension electrical insulators and fire clay crucible production.

The section has successfully carried out research and development in the areas of tableware production, low tension electrical bobbin insulators and fire clay crucible production. This has enabled the section to produce table ware and fire clay crucibles as follows:

-Tableware products
Since 1997 the industrial Minerals application section has been producing high quality ceramic ware products on a small scale level. The products are available for sale at the Centre's premises and at distribution points at slip way, and at the Centre's display room at Kunduchi.
-Fire Clay crucibles
The section has started production of good quality fire clay crucibles which are currently used internally in the Centre's gold assay activities using its roller head machine. These products will eventually be available for other users like the minerals explorations companies operating in Tanzania and even for member States laboratories.

The section conducts, periodically, one week practical courses with basic lessons in clay technology, pottery and ceramics
The courses are designed for women and men interested in acquiring the basic know-how and skills in ceramics and pottery technology. They are especially designed for those individuals having no prior experience but aspire to do ceramics and pottery as a demanding hobby or those planning to start up business in the pottery/ ceramic field.
Individuals involved in arts, painting and sculpturing should find this introductory course very valuable for the extension of the scope of their art.

Mr. Bashiri Juma

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