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The Geo-information department's main function is to promote the standardization of all Geo-science information available in the sub-region and its conversion into an accessible format for dissemination, with a view to improving accessibility to Geo-science data to the public. The department's activities can be categorised into two major areas:
Library and Documentation:
for archiving earth science information of the region in the AMGC library for access to the public in both analogue and digital format;
Books in AMGC library
Geo-science Data Processing and Management:
for the provision of training and consultancy services on the utilization of advanced GIS and data processing techniques. The section is also responsible for the digitization of available information and archiving it in a standard format.  
Services in Geo-information Management
  •     Scanning digitisation and compilation of geo-information
  •     Training in Geophysical/Geochemical data processing, GIS and Remote sensing
  •     Dissemination of digital data
  •     Consultancy
Services and products provided by the Geo-information department include:
Scanning and plotting of maps and posters: Scanning and plotting of maps and posters using high resolution full colour scanners up to 54 inch width (137 cm) and high resolution plotter up to the width of 60 inch width (152 cm) on differenc quality of paper including high glossy papers.
  • Scanned images are supplied on CD-ROM and geo-referencing and/or vectorisation of the images can also be done.
    The out put digital files can be provided in formats compatible with major GIS packages. The department has the capability to further process the data for the integration the result with other data set (GIS compilations).
  • Lamination:
    The section is also equipped with a lamination facility to laminate maps and posters up to A0 (36" width) size.
  • GIS applications: Data analysis using state of the art software packages such as MapInfo, ArcView, Geosoft and ER-Mapper.
  • Customised training courses:
    Training on geophysics, geochemistry, environmental geology, remote sensing and geo-science data handling are available and these courses can be designed according to the need of the client.
  • Meta-databases:
    Regional databases, such as the "GIS based inventory of regional geochemical and geophysical exploration surveys in Eastern and Southern Africa" are kept up-to-date and made available to the public.
  • Forum for interaction among geo-scientists:
    Regular workshops, seminars and conferences are organised on the most relevant geo-scientific topics with a view to promote research and collaboration among the geo-scientists in the region.
  • Library function:
    The library of AMGC is open to the public for reference on documents in mineral exploration in the Southern and Eastern Africa.
  • Consultancy Services:
    The department has the technical expertise to provide consultancy services in GIS database design and development, Geo-data processing, GIS system development, Mineral and groundwater exploration, and capacity building in all the areas mentioned above.
  • The following additional services are also available:
  • Airborne radiometric data calibration:
    Gamma-ray spectrometry calibration using international standard calibration pads for ground and airborne Gamma-ray Spectrometry survey data.
  • Geophysical surveying:
    The department has expertise in geophysical surveying for groundwater and mineral exploration using electrical methods. The department has a 3 KW IPResistivity Unit consisting of a SCINTREX made TSQ-3 Transmitter with an IPR-10A Time domain Receiver, which is also available for rent.
Mr. Mesfin W. Gebremichael (BSc, MSc, MBA) - Geophysicist, Manager of Geo-information Department with more than 20 years experience with geophysical data processing, GIS and remote sensing
Mr. Kamina Chororoka (BSc, MSc) Senior Geologist
Ms Warda Chande (Bsc) Training Geologist
Mr Lawi (Bsc) IT Officer


Mr. Mesfin W. Gebremichael

Mr Kamina Chororoka

Mr Lawi

Ms Warda Chande

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