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African Minerals and Geosciences Centre
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The Governing Council
The highest decision making organ of AMGC is the Governing Council (GC) which consists of the Ministers responsible for mining of the member states. The GC, whose chairmanship rotates, meets once a year. At these meetings, AMGC's annual report of the previous financial year (July - June) - together with a working plan for the following financial year - are discussed and approved. In addition, other matters, related to the policy and the operations of the Centre, are also discussed.

governing council
 Members of the current governing council
The Standing Committee of Officials
Prior to the GC meeting, the Standing Committee of Officials (SCO) meeting (comprising the permanent secretaries or equivalent officers in the ministries of mines of the AMGC member states) takes place at the same location. The SCO prepares the GC meeting in more technical details. The SCO meeting is chaired by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) or his representative.

The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors, on behalf of the Governing Council, have overall responsibility of monitoring, advising, supporting and oversee the execution of the Centre's activities according to an annually approved work programme and take all necessary steps to ensure the effective and rational execution of the work programme. The Board of Directors is composed of the following members:
  1. Representative of the host country;
  2. Representative of the highest contributing country;
  3. Representative of the Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA);
  4. Representative of the Private Sector;
  5. Representative of the donors supporting the Centre; and
  6. The Director General of the Centre who is the Secretary of the Board.
The representatives of the host country, the highest contributing country and the Economic Commission for Africa are appointed by the Governing Council; and representatives of the private sector and the donors supporting the Centre are appointed by their respective communities upon the request of the Minister responsible for mineral resources development of the host country.
The Board of Directors meet at least three times a year and may hold extraordinary meetings at the request of its Chairman or one-third of its members. The Board of Directors reports to the Governing Council through the Standing Committee during its annual meeting.
The Current members of the Board of Directors are the following:
  1. Angola, representing the highest contributing member - Chairman;
  2. UNECA - Vice Chairman;
  3. Tanzania, representing the host country - Member;
  4. Tanzania Chamber of Mines, representing the Private Sector - Member;
  5. Delegation of European Commission, representing donors - Member; and
  6. The Director General - Secretary.

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