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Applied research and development

In collaboration with academic institutions, geological surveys, scientists and researchers the department will assist and conduct research in geo-information. In this regard, the department will start in 2004 to catalogue all geo-science research and development projects and activities in/of the region and will publish the results on an annual basis for inter-active scientific communication and networking. From 2004, all research and development work of the department will be documented in written reports either for publication or filing.

Constant Scientific Interaction

The establishment of a forum for scientific exchange and interaction among the geo-scientific community of the region is an essential goal of the department in order to enhance AMGC's image as a regional hub for the mineral sector. Such forums will be organised in the form of annual workshops and conferences. Therefore in 2003/2004 the department will introduce this idea among geo-scientific institutions and professional societies in Africa and initiate the first of such forums in 2004. Cross-border studies will be promoted with a view to improving understanding of regional geology and metallurgy in particular.

Information Management

The compilation of regional geo-physical, geo-chemical, geological, environmental and mineral occurrence data for the production of regional thematic maps and reports will continue in the department. A quarterly report on new regional thematic maps and reports available from AMGC will be published from 2004 and will be sent as a service package to the member states.

All the necessary assistance will be provided to the member countries in the process of database upgrading, compilation and regional thematic mapping. The department will widen its scope further to include information about water resources and environment in relation to mineral resources development. Such activities will be reported to the member states in the form of a quarterly Information Letter.

From 2004, the Geo-Information Department will be responsible for the collection and the installation of a regular and updated data bank on all addresses (contact partners, email, phone and surface mail) of relevant regional key public and private sector institutions and industries for the different departments of AMGC.

Regional information centre

Since the main purpose of the establishment of the Geo-Information Department is to provide services to the public as a regional geo-information centre, basic information will be made available at AMGC in the form of regional geo-information and bibliographic databases. Additional information compiled in the department in collaboration with the member states will also be made available for public use.

Acquiring more reference information in hard and soft form will strengthen AMGC's library. Technical reports and maps on geological, geo-physical, geo-chemical and other related surveys are major sources of information to be included in the library. Technical reports and maps have to be acquired from all the countries of the region as much as possible. The applied research and development activities in the department will focus on the development of new information management and publicising systems. The purchase and receipt of new literature and data by AMGC's library will be reported to the member states in the quarterly Information Letter.

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