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African Minerals and Geosciences Centre
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To promote socio-economic and environmentally responsible mineral development in Africa.
To be a pioneer and leader in the provision of mineral services in Africa.
To be a Centre of Excellence and Significance able to provide specialised services for the mineral industries and the overall development of the sector in the continent.
The mandate will be accomplished through:
  •     Promoting public awareness of the potential of the mining sector's contribution to both the economic and social development of the continent.
  •    Facilitating the efficient exploitation of mining prospects with the highest potential for economic and social impact.
  •   Promoting responsible investment and encouraging the free flow of capital, labour, goods and services for sustained mining sector development in the continent.
  •   Facilitating the harmonisation of mineral sector policies and the legal framework surrounding mineral activities as well as and to improve the competitiveness of  legal  and fiscal regimes across countries in the continent.
  •     Promoting indigenous capacity and mineral resource - based industrialisation. and
  • Facilitating access, co-ordination and harmonisation of mineral resources development and associated support services within the continent, and the establishment of continental networks of programmes and services.
AMGC's main objectives are:
  • To facilitate the access to and provision, co-ordination and harmonisation of mineral resources development support services in the continent.
  • To establish, where relevant, continental networks of programmes and services and to promote regional collaboration.
  • To promote indigenous mineral based industrialisation.
  •  To promote awareness on the potential of the mineral sector's contribution to the economic and social development of the sub- region.
  •  To promote responsible investment and free flow of capital, labour, goods and services for mining sector development in the continent.
  •  To facilitate the promotion of mining prospects with the highest potential for economic and social impact. and
  •  To facilitate the harmonisation of mineral sector's policies and legislation in the continent.
Institutional Culture and Values
In order to win continuous support of the governments and other stakeholders, AMGC is keen on developing relevant programs truly apt at promoting sustainable development of the mineral sector in member countries. By the same token, the institution will undertake commercial activities aimed at generating enough income in order to reduce the level of budgetary contributions from member States overtime. This is in line with the prevailing environment, which requires the adoption by all institutions of a more corporate like management approach and an improved client focus and adaptation to customers needs. Moreover, this approach is sought with the aim to incorporate the necessary concepts of not only cost consciousness, but also pro-activeness and operational efficiency. Accountability and transparency will be embodied in the management principles in order to guarantee a confident support from the stakeholders.
The new institutional culture will also be based on collective responsibility, team spirit, improved internal communication, and development of a corporate identity. Staff will be required to be innovative and responsible. They will be recruited on the basis of well-defined job descriptions allowing for continuous evaluation of performance. Professional performance must be the basis for the scale of remuneration with the associated performance related remuneration schemes and incentive packages. Staff will be regularly reviewed so as to improve productivity, encourage dialogue, promote excellence and motivation.
Great emphasis will be placed on Management and staff contribution to the well being of AMGC and the need for all to acquire the spirit of collective responsibility for the benefit of AMGC as well as for all. At the individual level, this will ultimately depend on the staff member's capacity to permanently refocus and redirect activities. It will impact on AMGC's products and service quality and allow the institution to survive in a competitive and constantly changing, fast moving market and modern technological environment.
AMGC is cognisant of the increasingly important role that the private sector is playing in the development of mineral resources. The private sector is thus encouraged to become a stakeholder of the Centre and possibly be associated with the planning, execution and monitoring of AMGC's activities.
While applying business-like management and principles to achieve quality and efficient performance, AMGC will emphasise its development role and nature.
Guiding principles
In its activities the Centre is guided by the following principles:
  • Complementing existing facilities and expertise in the sub-region.
  •   Focusing on consumer and results oriented projects and services.
  •   Enhancing collaboration between key stakeholders in the governments, private sector, academia and donor community to avoid duplication of efforts and to achieve maximisation of results and impact. and
  •    Developing and implementing services and products with the highest economic potential, social and environmental benefits and impact.
The AMGC member states with the assistance of several development partners have built a very well equipped facility in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This is more significant in the field of industrial minerals, for the Centre possesses facilities and capacities for the characterization, and development of applications of these minerals, which are not easily available in the sub region. The Centre physical assets are valued more than US$ 5 million and include the most modern laboratory apparatus and data processing facilities.
AMGC possesses comparative advantage to transform itself into a Centre of Excellence for the provision of cost effective services for the development of the mineral resources of the sub-region. This is mainly due to its geographic coverage, the economies of scale it can realize, privileged relations with governments of the sub-region, its implementation capacity, and the support it benefits from development partners.
The institution conducts applied research and development activities particularly for industrial minerals development, small-scale production of ceramics, specialized training, commercial laboratory work and consultancy service upon request.

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A Centre of Excellence and Significance able to provide specialized services for the mineral industries and the overall development of the sector in the continent.